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Name: Tirumani Ganesh

Age:  11


Gender: Male


Birthday: May 10, 2002     


Study: 7th Standard




This family is from Agnikula Kshatrias caste. Village Yenugnvanilanka, in short ( Y. V. Lanka) Narasupur Mandal, West Godavary District, Andhra Pradesh, South India. 


They are poor people' Ganesh has one younger sister. They live in a thatched house, they daub their houses with cow dung. Cow dung is holy for the Hindus. They worship cows, monkeys, animals and many things God created, especially they make their gods either with mud, cement, wood or stone, they even offer sacrifice of the animals, once a year even today.


Environment: The weather is cool in winter with the rainy seasons, of course hot in summer, rains in autumn. It floods regularly as the River passes along with the village; the water is sweet only in rainy season and salty the rest of the year. The river Vasishta is a tributary of Main River Godavary, which has its birth in Mumbai state called Maharashatra in a hill place called Nasic. The river drains in the 'Bay of Bengal'.


The principal crop is paddy, principal food is rice. They mix rice with different curries like fish, meat, vegetables, and green leafy vegetables. Their average life span is 60 years, many live more than 60 years.


Many are Christians of various denominations. They go to church when they are no working. Please pray for their child and family. If you are lead, please sponsor a child or two; it costs $40 per month. Thank you.


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